This time of year always makes me reflect on what was and look forward to what is to come.


I am working at a company called Technekes. We provide marketing services for companies big and small. I get to work with some of the coolest tech I’ve ever done. We use mainly open-source tools for our development. So over the past 18 months I have changed my stack from all Microsoft all the time to all Linux and open source all the time. This has been a great change for me. Looking back, I feel that I have grown a great deal as a software developer. Looking forward, I want to continue learning new tools and ways of looking at problems. To that end, I want to create a project using a functional language such as Haskell, Clojure or Erlang.


I miss it. I still get to do things like voiceovers, mostly thanks to the Groundcrew, and the lovely and talented Katherine Goforth. I still have friends in the theatre whom I love and respect. I would like to do something to work with them again. Looking back, I had a decent year working for some great national and regional brands. Looking forward, I resolve to be more efficient in my engineering work to allow me to take more acting work.


I recorded 7 pieces last year in my home studio. Overall it’s not bad. I created a lot more with guitar than I have in the past and that’s good. I got to play in a talent show with 3 other guys at work. We called ourselves The 404s. We won! It was great fun, and I’m pretty sure it’s the first time that I’ve ever played live in a band situation in my life. Quite a rush. We played an acoustic version of Hey Ya! Looking back, it wasn’t bad, but looking forward, I can do a whole lot better. I resolve to play more music with actual real live people.


Claire and I are doing wonderfully. We’ve been married since 1996, and I feel like we’re hitting our stride. Example - we spent new year’s eve with our dear friends Laura and Stan. We had a wonderful time there. On the ride up and back to Hendersonville, we didn’t really talk that much at all. But it wasn’t uncomfortable. It was a comfortable silence. A rare thing indeed. Much love to Claire. The kids are awesome. Zach is 8 and Jamey is 5. Claire and I both agree that our main job is to help them stay as sweet as they are, and to ensure that they use their powers only for good.


I have really enjoyed Systema this past year. I’m looking forward to continuing in the new year. There’s much more than a physical component to Systema, but I’m including it here for brevity.

And The Obligatory:

  • Eat better
  • Exercise more

In Conclusion

May your coming year be better than the last.